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BSR 4-Fold-Rack

Baumann 4-fold-racks will sort and buffer different products, which come from the same sheet such as combos. Any printed sheets with more than one different product can be processed by the Baumann BSR. The BSR is located next to the front-table of the cutter close to the operator. Each product is collected on one board of the BSR, i.e. each board is linked to one or several task(s). The 4 sturdy, motorically driven boards always keep their succession, working in a circular motion. As soon as the board has reached its position, the cut products are pushed onto the board and the next board is called for. When the layer on top of a board has been completed it is restacked automatically by means of a multiple unloader.

Operating Modes

Collection of products (until the layers have been completed)

Restacking of the completed layers

Possible combinations

The BSR is always connected to a multiple unloader BA F, which restacks the different products on up to 4 different pallets

Special features

BSR is available with automatic sorting via image recognition

The number of buffer and restacking spaces is discretionary


The cost-saving processing of collective sheets

Suitable for sorting strips during label production

Highly effective in combination with BA F

Considerable increase in productivity

Technical Data

Model number

Format max. min.


31½" x 39¼''
39¼" x 39¼"


41¼" x 57"
39¼" x 51"


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