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BSH W Unloader Stacklift

Pile Hoists with platform and adjustable angle-stop are made for the manual restacking of multiple-cuts, banded or packed products. The back of the pile hoist serves as alignment-stop. An adjustable alignment-stop, which is also available for larger formats guarantees an exact restacking result. The automated functions relief the operator's physical strain while increasing the efficiency of the high-speed cutter.


Piles are lifted and lowered hydraulically

The platform has got a bevelled front-edge so that even large formats can easily be loaded onto the platform (loading with a pallet truck is possible)

An adjustable photo-cell verifies constantly that the top of the pile remains always on working-height


Excellent cost-benefit ratio

Precise restacking-results

Comfortable operation


Destacking (lifting)

Restacking (lowering)

Pallet exchange

Technical Data

Model number


Loading capacity

BSH 3-650W

31" x 43¼"

1430 lbs

BSH 5-1200W

39" x 53"

2640 lbs

BSH 6-1200W

46½" x 47¼"

2640 lbs

BSH 6-1600W

46½" x 59"

3520 lbs

BSH 7-2000W

48½" x 67"

4400 lbs


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